The 3 eternal steps of self care

Our human self is the biggest gift nature has bestowed upon each one of us. Our body without doubt is a precious treasure chest in its own infinite ways. Dr. Garima believes in making you aware of your body (what’s the best activity for it), your mind. What’s better than the fact that we become master of our own health. When we are sick, we visit a doctor and he diagnoses and prescribes the cure. Imagine if you are so empowered and your life state is so strong that you nip the ailment in its bud only effectively by setting in motion the wheel of self awakening, eternal connection with your consciousness.

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Learn the art to concentrate to get awakened to the power of self. Experience the highs of an awakened yogi while conducting the secular life without any hindrance. Learn What’s going inside it and how to deal with it) and connect to your soul. KNOW YOUR SELF, HEAL YOUR SELF AND BECOME YOUR OWN DOCTOR.

Awaken your self in 3 steps. Just like Lord Vishnu demolished the ego of a king in 3 master steps:

– All these workshops are highly powered sessions of meditation, soul stirring interaction and inspiring moderation.

  • Jagriti (Awakening Consciousness)Duration:7-8 hours
This one day workshop is a steps towards SELF AWAKENING; knowing your true self; learn to know the cause of disturbance in mind, body or soul; learn basic yoga techniques for physical, psychological and spiritual well being.
  • Pragyan (Rising Consciousness)Duration:7-8 hours
This one day workshop is a step towards ENHANCING INTELLIGENCE; by understanding functions of manas & breaking slavery of mind. Learn Advanced Modernised Ancient techniques for healing your life & eliminating past toxic thought patters. Head towards Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Living.
  • Brahma (Pure Consciousness)Duration:7-8 hours
This one day workshop is a steps towards CLAIRVOYANCE; EXPERENCEING inner power. Learn to use your inner power for manifesting all your desires. Empowering you with magical techniques for instant results in moulding life conditions according to your will.

A graphical octopus to be created with large tentacles formed by the following words

Anxiety Stress Acidity Obesity indigestion Migraine Blood Pressure Confusion Low Confidence Irritation Insomnia Sadness Depression Negativity Low Energy Fear/Phobia Troubled Relationships Low Productivity Negativity Fear & more

Identify what is stopping you & take step to release all the blockages & be FREE.

Who is it for?

For the one who are seeking for answers, Ready to take charge of life Ready to be Free, grow spiritually to unlock infinite potential.

How does it add value?

peaceful mind – Peaceful work place.

Healthy & Happy employee -High performance at work place

Spiritually Growing employee -economically growing at work place

The Company whose Employees are Chakravarti can achieve any target with ease in short span.

Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment

Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment