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The reason why a human body is considered to be a power house is the mystical and elusive existence of chakras in our body. If only we can learn how to activate our chakras, each one of us can become a true Chakravarti. Yes we have the

potential, the resource and the capability. We

just need to evoke, invoke and manage


This unique workshop has the power to enlighten you to the magic of chakras. There is no doubt that it is our inner light only that illuminates the universe. We just need to get connected with this unimaginable energy Bin

hidden in us.


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Dr. Garima Saxena

B.A.M.S | SPL. In Holistic Ayurveda

Delivery Format

9 weeks Workshops
1 sessions/week
1hr each

Who is it for?

-For the one who believes in universalenergy & ready to unlock their true potential.

How does it add value?

peaceful mind – Peaceful work place.

Healthy & Happy employee -High performance at work place

Spiritually Growing employee -economically growing at work place

The Company whose employees are Chakravati can acheive any target with ease in short span.

Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment

Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment